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Greetings everyone! What a great day we have had today with lots of fun new games and learning experiences. In the morning we had a small play outdoors and enjoyed the cooler weather. It definitely showed as the children were keener to race around the playground with their friends doing more active games.

We had our group time and morning tea and the children are showing such great independence skills to serve themselves and ensure their space is tidy after meals. We forgot our calendar this morning but Eva reminded us so it was also great to see the children so switched on to the routines and wanting to keep them going themselves. Miss Jess revisited a story that we made together as a class called “the magic porridge pot!” We tested to see if everyone could remember what they would ask for if a magic porridge pot arrived at their house. Well done to Mace who remembered that he asked for “Chicken nuggets”. There was lots of laughter to be had with some of the funny responses.

Because the children have been so interested in the human body Mr Andrew created a game for them where they had to use dice to make the immune cells battle the viruses. When there was a tie we used the special cards that either increased the immune cell score or decreased it. Sleep, good food, water, washing hands, calm environments helped the immune cells and the opposite helps the viruses. It prompted some great discussions about what can make our body healthy and unhealthy (and very topical considering COVID).

In the afternoon we plan to get out to play some touch rugby and AFL style games to test our gross motor skills like balance, coordination, catching etc. The children love testing themselves with different physical challenges and have been learning lots with these games throughout the year.

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy the rest of your week if we don’t see you tomorrow! 🙂

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Reading “the magic porridge pot”

Playing our immunity game with immune cells vs viruses