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Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to a wonderful day in the Kindergarten.

What a wonderful day we have had so far engaging in lots of fun play. At group time this morning we had three friends who wanted to share some news. First we had Wynter who has returned from her holiday at her Grandma and Grandpa’s, it sounds like she had a wonderful time seeing lots of family. Hamilton brought in his special Quokka to show us, he told us about lots of adventures he has taken his special toy from his Aunty. Lastly Hayley had some special news from her birthday yesterday, sharing with us all about the wonderful gifts she had received. Also at group time today the children were introduced to our Acknowledgment of country, where we say thank you to the Aboriginal and Torres straight islanders. Over the coming weeks I am looking forward to the children being able to recite this along with me. After our wonderful group time we moved into our morning activities.

This morning Layla and Liam and expressed that they wanted to do painting. As we are encouraging the children to develop their self help skills, and taking responsibility for their learning I encouraged them to organise and set up the table with all the resources needed. Layla and Liam did such a great job, thank you friends.

Play dough exploration was also a popular choice for the children today where they had the opportunity to revisit creating sea scenes with a variety of sea themed materials. Of course the children had the opportunity to freely express their creativity and imagination as well.

We had another responsible friend in Hayley today who had really wanted to do drawing, taking the initiative to set up the table with her desired drawing materials and paper. Fantastic Hayley.

Other indoor play this morning included exploring and experimenting with the musical instruments and construction.


Outside this morning the children had their Arakan lesson. Once they had finished and it was such a beautiful morning we spent some time in the sand pit and exploring the wonderful obstacle course that had been set up. Todays course provide lots of different challenges for the children where they practiced balancing, used their coordination, and used their problem solving skills as one of the elements of the obstacle course had a beam that moved up and down depending on where the children were balancing.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner