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Welcome everyone to our Kindergarten blog. Today was a special day called Outdoor Classroom Day which is a day to celebrate being outdoors as children are getting fewer opportunities to be active outdoors and in nature. We set up our whole classroom up in the tree house today so have a browse at the photos and ask your children what their favourite thing was about our outdoor classroom.

We had lots of fun play opportunities including:

  • Water trough with sea creatures, boats and cups to explore floating, pouring, animal recognition and talking about how to protect the sea
  • Mini sandpit – a small tub with sand, measuring cups, sieves, water wheels and different shaped containers for shape recognition
  • Art easel  – for drawing and painting opportunities using nature to inspire our pictures, lots of practicing writing our names as well
  • Board games – getting together to play some board games in a nice fun relaxing setting
  • Wooden blocks with cars  – creating ramps and roads for our vehicles, creating mini races was the most popular thing to do with these resources

We also had Mr Dan come for Arakan and challenge the children to test their strength and reflexes. Lots of fun and laughter was heard from each group as they went through all the different exercises.

We checked up on our bug house and saw a few more little creatures roaming around in their. Some more dirt is perhaps needed so that the house is a little more moist (which insects enjoy as we found out from our books). The children love finding insect and carefully relocating them to our insect house to get some food and shelter.

Later in the day we plan to do some basketball skills and drills and some of the children’s catching, dribbling and shooting has been coming along nicely from our daily sport and movement sessions.

We hoped you enjoyed our Outdoor Classroom Day and hopefully your children want to continue the outdoor theme at home finding some different active options or something in nature that intrigues them.

Remember to RSVP for your child’s graduation by letting Mr Andrew, Miss Jess or Miss Emma know (by 13th of November which is Friday next week) who will be attending so we can ad you to our list. Remember only 2 attendees per child due to covid restrictions, thank your for your cooperation and understanding with this.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess