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Good Afternoon  and welcome to another great day in the Kindergarten room. This morning we didn’t spend to long outside as it was a bit Smokey. When we did go outside we had a bit of fun in the water tray with some boats, rode some bikes, walked along the balance beams and the big connector blocks. After our play outside we came inside washed our hands and had some yummy morning Tea which was muffins and a selection of fruit.

After Morning Tea we had Group time with Miss Emma and sang our morning song called “Hello to all the children to the world and Miss Emma introduced us to a new song, Tena Koe which is a maori song from New Zealand. Here the children learnt how to say hello to one person (Tena Koe), Tena Korua (hello to two) and tena koutou (Hello to more than two). The children did such a fantastic job and it was great to see them so enthusiastic about learning a new language. We also talked about Aeroplanes, which the children were highly interested in yesterday. Miss Emma asked the children about what techniques they could use to make their airplanes fly the furthest. Hayley said ” Up in the air, Layla said throw it across” Levii said ” With in hole it on the back and Hamilton said I’m going to  fly it up”.  We then separated to table activities.

At one table we had Aeroplane making, which was great because Hayley made all her friends aeroplanes where we discussed more about planes and what they do and Miss Sarah asked some of us what they think areophane’s do.

Wynter-  They can fly and they fly and save someone

Harper-they fly and take person

Mathew- Air, Air Aeroplane

Jaxon- They fly and land

Austin- They fly really fast.

We also had at another table we had some natural material where the children had to used  sticks and wooden pieces and number and had to use there memory and used the natural materials to used for the numbers. We also had some magazine cutting as well for one of the table activities.

Also some of the children played on the Green Mat with and made a Train Track. Miss Sarah asked some of the children about the Train Track.

Liam – Said “its a speed Track”

Hamilton-Said “Its a speed Track Train Track

Harper- Said “lets get on the Train Track”

Angelina said ” Looks its going under the Chair”

After our fun play time Mr Danial for Arakaan came and took us outside which was fun where did some running races, leaping like frogs and jumping like kangaroos. We even had to guess what arm he says to hit the punching bag and if we got it right he picked us up and spin us around like a aeroplane.

While some of our friends were sleeping this afternoon, the children engaged in a group game of colour and shape bingo with Miss Emma. This was a great opportunity for the children to explore and extend their knowledge on shapes, as well as identifying familiar shapes and colours.

Hopefully it cools down a little this afternoon so we can go out and fly our planes we made to see who’s can fly the furthest. Otherwise we will revisit this experience tomorrow.


As the weather is getting warmer, could you please make sure your child has some cooler clothes to change into in their bags. Thank you

From Miss Sarah and Miss Emma