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Warm greetings to all lovely families of the kindergarten children♥

Welcome to our journey of today with your superstars.

Today is our awesome friends Sonni’s BIRTHDAYYYYYY TODAY!!!

This morning started with Miss Leesa greeting all our fiends in the foyer before taking them to the great outdoors where their imagination and adventure takes off. When Miss Jess arrived all Kindergarten children were over the MOON to see her just as she was to see them! Miss Jess felt so happy with the welcoming by her beautiful friends. Our friends were happily playing and exploring their playground with one an other. Emmett, Ellie, Eva and Mariah were being the king of the castle as they stood on top of the green hill. Harper had a lot of fun sliding down the hill with glee before climbing back up again using great strength. Sonni, Mace and Emmett showed a lot of interest in the bikes and trucks.

As Ellie was exploring throughout the yard she came upon a stick and this wasn’t just any kind of stick….this stick held meaning behind it and imagination. Miss Jess asked Ellie what does this special stick do? after having a conversation with Ellie we came up with many awesome things the stick could be such as a magical wand, stirring stick, tapping stick and so much more. I strongly believe that children should be able to freely explore their natural environmental loose parts such as sticks (in a safe and supervised way) as it allows children to dig into their imagination and it opens them to different textures. Harper explored throughout the dress ups and dressed as a chef!! Harper was very impressed with her look. Allowing children to explore dress ups opens their imagination, creativity, imitation, motor skills and a lot more.

Our friends Sonni, Wyatt, Eva and Mace also had a lot of FUN making mermaids in the sandpit together!!They dug big holes for their feet before pouring the sand on top of their feet. Sandpit play enhances on children’s cognitive skills, language skills and physical skills.

It was then time to have some morning tea before our Kindergarten friends came inside for group time with Miss Jess.♥

For group time today we started off with the days of the week song before doing some counting to 10 then 20!!! WOW! Miss Jess was VERY IMPRESSED with how clever our Kindergarten children are!! Miss Jess than asked our birthday boy Sonni to choose a book to be read before Ellie did her show and tell. Sonni chose the Gruffalo book, all children LOVED this book and enjoyed it being read. It was then time for Ellie to come to the front of the class to show her friends what she had to show everyone. Ellie had a gorgeous photo of her sister, and frozen perfume!!! Ellie really loved her perfume and the photo of her and her sister. Ellie had many things to show her friends and she did in such confidence.♥

Children than explored throughout the room –

The home corner was a hit with all Kindergarten friends as well as LEGO fun as they worked together to build houses and people. Emmett and Eva played nicely with the loose parts as they create houses and towers!! What a wonderful way to be so creative with our natural loose parts! Harper showed a interest in to wanting to draw her name on the chalk board to then doing it on the whiteboards with some assistance of Miss Jess, Harper is definitely really confident with doing her name and other letters and its great to see how much all children are blooming.

Soon it was then time to tidy away in time for lunch and CAKEEEE!!! After all children ate their lunch Miss Jess than did cake time for our birthday boy! Before we cut into it we all sang a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SONNI! ♥ The cake was delicious as they all came back for seconds.

During our quiet time as our sleepers re energised for this afternoons journey of fun, our friends in the Kindergarten room enjoyed some fine motor activities, role playing in the bakery house, building with the connectors and reading books.

This afternoon all children had a great time outside with all their friends and teachers before they got picked up.

Thank you Kindergarten for today, it has been a pleasure♥

I look forward to seeing you all again,

Miss Jess♥