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Hello friends and families of the Kindergarten class. Let us share with you our awesome day today. It was a full class today for the first time in a long time and children are getting excited as the end of the year approaches and they talking about birthdays and holiday plans.

In the outdoor areas we have been exploring some new construction materials from the shed and also creating some mini treasure hunt adventures. The children have enjoyed hunting out different objects and using their problem solving skills to find the treasures. We also had Arakan martial arts today with two instructors to help the children get through lots of different skills and games.

Continuing our space week adventures we had a big quiz this morning where we learned about the planets, solar system and space. The children did really well and aksed some great questions to try and figure out the answers. This has been a great week for encouraging curiosity about new topics and how to ask questions.

We also have had a big interest in insects and bugs recently so we watched a small video about why insects are important and afterwards we brainstormed some ideas about how we can look after bugs and what our insect houses could look like and include. In the next few weeks we will try and build a big insect house in the playground as a safe spot for them to live and explore with good food and water sources.

In the afternoon we are going to try a teamwork game where we have to navigate through an “asteroid field” so be sure to ask your children how that game went.

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy your afternoons.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess