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A warm and friendly hello from all of us here in Kindergarten today!

What’s been happing in the Kindergarten Room today? Today has been yet another pleasantly wonderful day! Starting outside for a morning play in our wonderful playground. The children enjoyed playing with their friends, reading in the morning sun, swinging on the swings, having races down the slides and putting the pedal to the metal around the bike track.

Moving indoors we sat down from morning tea before re grouping on the group mat to talk about the day ahead and learn some new group time songs we can sing a class. After group time the children engaged in a series of educational and creative actives including a station for the children to learn about dinosaurs and to cerate “little worlds” and play with miniature dinosaur figurines helping the children to be able to visually identify different species of dinosaurs in a world of their creation. We also set out a creative station where the children were free to draw their very own dinosaurs. Musical instruments were also very popular again today with some of the children starting there on drumline band. For the children who just love to ‘tinker’ a range of building blocks and constructive hands on activities were put out for the children to engineer their own architectural creations.

This morning we also had a special visit from our martial arts sensi Mr Dan for our very first Arakan lesson for 2020 which was a lot of fun. Heading back inside we re grouped on the group mat for story time before lunch.

After our deconstructed tuna sushi, it was time to rest. Beds were setup and offered to every child along with an assortment of books and other quite activities setup and made available for any children who preferred not to sleep. As the our sleeping friends rejoined now very other busy bees, more activities where setup for the children including puzzles, more small animal figurines for the children to recreate there own miniature petting zoos to interact with. More drawing and crafts material was placed out for the children to explore and fuel their very imaginative creative minds. The home corner and dress-ups has also been very popular today.

Shortly we will have some afternoon tea after reading Hanzel and Gretel followed by a much anticipated play outside should the weather conditions be favorable.

This is just a quick update from the kindergarten room of our action pack fun filled day so far. We have had lots of fun and look forward to the remainder of the day!

Happy Thursday!


Warmest Regards,

Mr G & Miss Manuela