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Greetings Kindergarten friends and family! Just a quick update on our action packed Tuesday at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

Today we kicked of the day playing outside with our friends racing bikes, playing in the sandpit playing tag, reading books in the morning sun and building bridges with giant building blocks (just to name a few of the activities).

Moving indoors, we all sat down to share some yummy morning tea. Watermelon, Kiwifruit, blue berries and a healthy apple tea cake inspired treat! After morning tea we came together on the group mat for story time and show and tell.

After group time in classic Christmas time fashion we unleashed our seasonal creativity painting Santa’s Sleigh and his reindeer soaring through the air and some secret Santa business make more Christmas gifts to share with the world!

We also brought out some building blocks and tinkered away creating all types of shapes and structures!

Making the most of our morning it was time for lunch! With our bodies refueled it was time to recharge and revitalise our bodies and minds with some relaxing quiet time. For those not wishing to have a nap we quietly read books as we lay down listening to some peaceful and calming music. As we moved through the afternoon, we played dress-ups, made more Christmas crafts.

We even spotted our cheeky Froggy laying on the TV! I wonder where we will find him tomorrow… Our resident elf has sure been picking up some serious frequent flyer miles this week!

Afternoon tea time!

After we packed away all our activities from our afternoon of exploration and creative explosions it was time for a quick snack. Rice cakes with sultanas, dried apricots, raspberries and banana.

With the temperatures soaring outside we decided to stay within the comforts of our air conditioned room, setting up more fun activities as we prepare for our end of year breakup and the much talked about and anticipated, Christmas!

It has been an action packed Tuesday full of colour, fun, creativity, adventure, engament and exploration!