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Hello and welcome families of the Kindergarten children.

This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcomed 15 SUPERSTARS to the room.

Due to the rainy weather unfortunately we weren’t able to head outside, however we made sure all children had a great day.

To start the morning off all children came together on the green mat ready for group time with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess. Today in group time, we did a roll check before Mr Andrew had asked some helpers to change the calendar, we then sang our days of the week and months of the year! We went through our classroom rules and talked about how to be kind to one an other, you can see how children have positively taken this on board as well. It was then time for Alex’s show and tell!!!! WOAHHHH!! Alex was super excited to show his friends his hat, flag and pass that he got from the raceway car racing!!!! Alex said his favourite car was the Mercedes!!! Children then put their hands up eagerly to ask more about his special things! Thankyou so much Alex for sharing with us, we all enjoyed it. After group time children were able to wash their hands, grab their drink bottles ready for morning tea.

After morning tea, all children helped tidy away in time for Mrs A to join us for some an AWESOME art session. All children sat on the carpet, followed Mrs A in the tapping beat while singing a rhyme song to engage all children. Mrs A then talked about what they will be getting up to in the art session, Mrs A also read a book, which was related to our activity. Soon enough children sat up on the tables, they carefully cut square pieces of paper to then stick onto the long snake! Children did so well at practicing holding and using the scissors, some needed a bit of guidance but other than that they all did amazing! At the end of the art session, all children were so amazed by their wonderful effort into making such beautiful long snakes so colourful with the coloured squares. Thankyou Mrs A, see you again next Tuesday.

Throughout the day there was a lot of different activities happening around the room and children too self selected what they wanted to do.

  • Home corner was enjoyed by our friends Theo, Eva and Kerim, they all really like acting out different roles and its so great to see their imagination come to life. They too enjoy cooking away some tasty treats and dressing up as chefs.
  • Connectors were a hit with Mace, Daniel, Reid, Braxton, Sunni, Xavier and Alex. They all LOVE making awesome towers, houses, boxes all different shapes and sizes.
  • Children made a cool cubby house using the big cardboard box and some comfy pillows! What a great idea friends, all of them had so much fun.
  •  Some children such as Harper, Alex and Charlotte liked free drawing and practicing their pencil grip.
  •  Charlie had fun playing with the dinosaurs throughout the morning time.
  • Henry showed great helping skills as he loves helping to sweep the floor!!
  • Some children participated in another leaf activity but this time they had to cut pieces out of the paper to stick onto their leaf’s. For those children who didn’t a get chance of doing one today will do one when they are here next. 🙂

This afternoon all children had a fantastic one, exploring throughout the room and choosing different activities based on what they liked. What a great day and thankyou Kindergarten.

See you all soon,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.