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Hello everyone! We have had an awesome day here in the Kindergarten class with a big focus on independence and kindness to one another.

The children have been making some great choices for play in the outdoor areas, setting up lots of ball games, cooking stations and also using lots of imagination. Ball games have been very popular like basketball and “freeze ball tag”. We had a picnic morning tea outdoors while we read stories and changed our calendar. The children have enjoyed using the range of spaces we have for different play times and meal times.

Today we had a big group time and discussed how we can be kind in the classroom, the children had a big brainstorm and came up with some great ideas and afterwards we looked at a slideshow with some scenarios and the children had to try and think what they should do to be kind.

Another activity we did today was to also paint a big map of Australia which we will decorate with some wild animals and famous landmarks and put some quotes about why we like Australia.

Outdoors we played a cool game we one person would choose a special word which was the trigger to race to the spots, they then had to try and trick the others with false words. It helped develop listening skills and also phonic practice e.g. if the special word was bananas the false words would begin with “b” like boat, bagel, bouncy.

That’s all for today, thanks for joining us.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Looking at the Kindness scenarios and discussing what to do

Ideas for how to be kind