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Hello everybody and welcome to our Tuesday session in the Kindergarten class with Miss Jess, Mr Andrew and Miss Tania. We welcome 17 friends with warm smiles and welcoming arms. We had such a great day and can’t wait to tell you all about it.
This morning all friends started the morning off outside, taking in their beautiful outdoor environment and all it has to offer. Some things our friends enjoyed doing outside this morning was – Throwing the handball to our friends, practicing our hand and eye coordination and seeing how high we can chuck it and how long we can throw it! Miss Jess joined in on the fun and all friends were having a great time and being so involved. The bikes and scooters are always a hit with our friends as they zoom by and race each other. Sandpit and the mud kitchen were so much fun, and children seemed to enjoy playing there. After our morning fun in the outdoors we then headed inside and got ready for morning tea.
After eating some delicious morning tea, we headed to the group mat ready for group time. Mr Andrew showed us the My first Calendar which has the Months, Dates, Seasons, Weather and Days. Friends participated in helping with the board and choosing the day, date, month, season and the weather for today, however it did change as the rain was on and off throughout the day. Mr Andrew than explained an activity we would be doing as an extension to the interest in insects. We continued with the same activity yesterday for those who didn’t do one then after each child chose their favourite insect that they would like to colour in. All children engaged well in these activities.
Throughout the day children explored the room and self- selected activities of their choice. A group of friends LOVED making cool creations with the connectors. Other friends enjoyed role-playing in-home corner and cooking delicious treats. While others liked doing the table activities and reading for some quiet time.
Soon enough it was the afternoon!! Our friends have had a fantastic day and were so eager to continue to do some fun games underneath the roof outside and in the tree house!!! If the rain stops, we will head to the bike track and sandpit to continue the fun.
Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon.

Mr Andrew, Miss Jess and Miss Tania.