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Welcome families to Terrific Tuesday,

We have had a great day, as always in Kindergarten. The children have explored their sense of touch today. Emily loved the feel of the sandpaper and was able to describe the feeling of it on her fingers. We have discussed how our own body helped us with our sense of touch from our feet right through to our heads.

The children have loved exploring the puppets today and creating different stories with them. Wynter and Hamilton have spent most of the day playing with their new friends.

We have been able to make some rocket ships today to help us get to space, this activity has helped the children to strengthen their fine motor skills. We have also had a look at some different planets and the different parts of the planet. The children are loving our Encyclopedia of Space and will often sit and look at the book together.

Miss Gabby has visited us today helping us to do Yoga, this activity helps us to relax and strengthen our self regulation.

We hope that you have all had as much fun as us today.


Miss Sharon and her Munchkins