Hello everyone and welcome to our blog today. We had a wonderful day with lots of music and discovery as Mr Andrew brought a special surprise. It was a perfectly preserved dragonfly which the children could explore and it inspired some awesome glitter art which Miss Jess demonstrated to the class using popsicle sticks glue and glitter.

Mace shared his awesome photos from the “Lizard zoo” where he and his sister were holding a crocodile and lizard. What a special memory Mace, thanks for sharing!

The children also enjoyed singing our “whole world” song using the props they made yesterday. The tune is nice and catchy and the props help the children engage and remember the song. Our graduation singing practice is going well and the children are practicing everyday to put on a great show for you all on the special day.

Later in the morning we had tennis class with Mr Trevor and outdoor free play for others not in the class. Our sport and movement session today was about jumping and balancing, trying to reach the big star that we hung from the roof. We also did some movement games and learnt about different directions like north, south, east and west. The children have shown more of an interest in maps recently so that might inspire our next topic.

Thanks for joining us today!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess