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Welcome to our Tuesday blog everyone!

Today the Kindergarten 1 classroom had a small play in the Kindy 2 yard but we were quickly out to the big playground to play on the swings, ride the bikes, explore the outdoor kitchen and practice swinging on the monkey bars. It has been great to see the children carrying on our focus from last week making sure they pick up any rubbish they see and putting it in the bins. We are still learning about our compost bin and remembering to collect scraps for it.

As we came indoors we called out the roll, changed the calendar and used some flashcards so that the children could learn their address. This skill is hopefully leading in to our next big excursion hopefully to the post box down the road to send some letters to our addresses. We were all excited for Miss Jess to arrive for our Mandarin lesson today so we quickly ate some morning tea and gathered on the big green mat to hear a story called “Way to go Fish!” which was all about feelings. We learnt how to say common feelings in Mandarin and drew some pictures about things that make us feel those certain ways. It was great for continuing to practice another language and also discussing our feelings and what we can do when we feel certain ways.

Mr Connor brought a small ant farm for some of the children to explore once we went outside. It was a difficult task getting one in there but once we did the children loved watching it explore the farm, moving in and out the obstacles and digging through the dirt. Others joined Mr Trevor for their tennis class where we can hear lots of laughs and can see the children very busy and engaged. Hopefully they can share with you all the different skills they are learning.

In the afternoon we plan to present the share bag which Jake had this week so we look forward to seeing what he brought. We will also explore some more of the number games from yesterday including some estimating games and dice games. They are great for counting, number recognition and also problem solving to figure out the exact amount e.g. using previous experience, comparing groups etc.

Thanks for joining us today and have a lovely afternoon.

Mr Andrew, Miss Saori and Miss Lara