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Salutations everyone!

What warm weather we have been having recently! It has meant we have had to be more resourceful and provide some different play and learning experiences. Miss Jess set up an awesome physical activity experience with chalk an the floor where the children had to follow the different instructions like hopscotch, following the line, dodging the piranhas, spinning around and hopping on the Lilly pads. This was great fun for all and the children created a long conga line to follow their friends.

Continuing on from Nursery rhyme week we chose some popular nursery rhymes and chose which ones we wanted to draw. The children drew them and practiced reciting them before we all gathered on the mat to practice reciting them in front of everyone. It was a great opportunity to build confidence with speaking in front of others and develop verbal language skills by learning a whole nursery rhyme.

Other fun activiites today included tennis class with Mr Trevor where they practiced lots of hand eye coordination and throwing games to practice their aiming. We also had lots of children wanting to play and learn checkers which is a big class focus at the moment so get those dusty checkerboards out at home and practice a few games with your children as they are really enjoying it at the moment and they are learning the rules very quickly so well done everyone!

We also played an exciting colour game where the children had to choose a coloured circle to stand in and a blindfolded child would call out a colour and if you were standing in that coloured circle then you were eliminated. The game would carry one for a few rounds until only a few children were left. It was great to see the children persisting with the game and trying to make it to the last round. It was also great teachable moment for dealing with setbacks and not always winning which is an important skill for being able to be a part of games and social situations.

That’s all for today so thanks for joining us and we will see you again soon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess


For children in the graduation ceremony please have your child ready at the centre by 4.30 so that we can get them ready in their graduation gowns and in position for the ceremony. Afterwards the ceremony will be our Christmas festivities so be sure to hang around for the secret Santa.