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Hello families and welcome to Terrific Tuesday

Today the children have had a lovely time in the garden playing with our friends in the sunshine. Miss Sharon has been lucky enough to get lots of cups of coffee from Levi this morning to warm her up. Elsewhere in the garden we have enjoyed painting the fence using water, this activity was explored by Layla and Matthew. They happily used their imagination to paint the fence, I believe the last colour was rainbow in every stroke.

Inside today we have created some extremely long train tracks along with some toothbrushes. The children have been able to prepare for our dental visit on Thursday. We have also created a game on the fridge asking the children to fill a lunchbox with healthy food.

The children have been enjoying creating some amazing teeth activities with the use of white paint and a picture of teeth the children have been able to practice brushing their teeth.

The children have had a lovely day today and we hope our friends at home feel better soon.


Miss Sharon, Miss Sarah and the amazing learners of Kindergarten.