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Happy Tuesday

We hope you are having a wonderful day, as we are in the Kindy.

We started our day with a wonderful play in the outdoor environment, the children have been enjoying getting back outside to play the last couple of days. We had fun exploring the obstacle course, a variety of sandpit play, swinging on the swings, drawing and wooden block construction.  Then it was time to come inside to refuel for our morning activities. Today for morning tea we had a delicious fruit salad and yoghurt. The fruit salad was a big hit this morning.

Before joining together for group time, today we did something a little different in preparation  for our graduation performance on Friday we visited our friends in the Pre Kindy room to sing them our songs. This was a great opportunity for the children to practice singing in front of people. We will continue to practice in front of our peers over the week. They did such a wonderful job today. After our performance we joined together on the group mat where we had a group discussion about respecting our environment and the resources in the classroom. The last few days we have been noticing that children have not been packing away as well as we know they can. This was just a little reminder that we need to take care of our learning environment.  The reminder was just what they needed as we noticed some wonderful packing away of resources and respectful play, well done everyone. Now it was time to get involved in our morning play.

This morning on offer was two different painting experiences using different materials. One was a marble painting activity which required the children to manoeuvre a painted marble around their paper using a tray. This was a great opportunity for the children to use their problem solving skills, explore working theories, use their coordination and use their turn taking skills. The other art experience included yoghurt pouch lids and paintbrushes to create their works of art. This was a great opportunity for the children to use their imagination and express their creativity through art. As usual the children had the opportunity to set up the learning environment with activities they wished to explore. Today’s choices included dominoes, stencil drawing and cutting pictures out of magazines. As the children engaged in their play this morning an interest in name writing emerged, I feel this is due to the children practicing their skills at home ready for school. Here the children had the opportunity to practice the letter formations of their name. I loved seeing how proud they were of their work this morning. We will continue to support this emerging interest with a variety of opportunities for the children to practice writing their names.


After our relaxing rest time the children have been busy at work exploring and manipulating objects using their fine motor skills, through a variety of block play, puzzles and drawing. Over the course of the afternoon we are going to be practicing our sorting skills as we sort through our toy boxes, making all our toys are in the right place.


    •  On Friday could you please make sure that your child has arrived at graduation by 4.45pm. This is to give us time to put all the children’s graduation gowns on and get them ready. We aim to start at 5pm so it would be great if all guests could be seated by 5pm. Remember graduation is in the top building in our Toddler room (Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn’s room).
    • On the night we will have pre printed graduation photo’s available for purchase at a cost of $5.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Steph