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Welcome to the Kindy 1 blog on this wonderful Tuesday.

This morning we enjoyed playing in both the Kindy 2 yard and the Senior yard where ball games seemed to be the most popular activities. We found a few extra balls in the large paddock next door after it got mowed and the children have enjoyed exploring these as there are lots of different sizes and textures to explore.

As we came indoors there was lots to change on our calendar today including the day, date, month and even season! The children love talking about the changes in the calendar and we looked at our birthday chart to see that Noah, Emisyn, Asher, Zander and Summer all have birthdays this month! We followed up with the Jellyfish game where the children would be shown a jellyfish with a certain number of legs and they had to estimate how many there were. Afterwards we would count and find out the answer together. It was great for developing estimating skills and number recognition.

Then we split into groups where some did a winter painting activity with miss Tatyana while others came to do an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island quiz. The children have craved some more art and craft activities so it was great to deliver for them. We used our handprints and thumbprints to make wonderful snowy trees. During the quiz the children learned facts about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture like recognising the flags, understanding Dreamtime, learning the language and some culturally important symbols.

Just before lunch we headed outdoors again to play some stuck in the mud and some free play in the sandpit and on the swings and bikes. We have also been trying to master the monkey bars some more to test our strength and coordination. Well done Kindy class!

In the afternoon we plan to explore our wheel activities by testing different round objects and seeing which will roll best to get ideas for our vehicle making later in the week/next week.

Thanks for joining us today and have a wonderful afternoon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana