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Good afternoon Kindergarten families and families. We started our morning with out door play activities that included water play with the pump and in the creek. Making ourselves look like robots was lots of fun also. Then it was time to start our morning indoors. We sat on the mat and helped Miss Jess change our weather calendar, after which we listened to a story called “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, this was extended on by the children creating their own interpretation of the little caterpillar on a leaf with various coloured paints. Other activities the children engaged in today were – Peg board creations, Lego, drawing, connector blocks, mobilo, and home area play. Miss Lyn brought her special jigsaws in for us to play with, we enjoyed these very much. Some of our friends also had Tennis with Mr Trevor. Enjoy the rest of your day and we will see you all again  tomorrow  for another fun day.
Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Jess 😊❤️😊