Welcome to our Tuesday here in the Kindergarten classroom. The month is speeding by and the children are very busy each day learning lots of new things and practicing their skills.

Today we finished off our number posters which we will use for lots of games and activities. We also practiced some of our favourite songs at group time including some that we will practice at graduation time. Other activities that were popular included construction activities with blocks, drawing on the whiteboards, number games with the stones and reading stories.

Later in the morning we measured our heights and lined everyone up from tallest to shortest. It was interesting seeing the children try this intuitively to see who was the tallest.

We went outdoors for some skill games in the tree hut including catching and balancing. While others enjoyed sandpit play. The monkey bars in the sandpit have been more popular recently as we have put a bit more focus towards them and building that upper body strength.

In the afternoon the children had lunch and helped tidy the classroom. We have been impressed at how well they are looking after their environment and tidying up after themselves, well done Kindergarten! We then sat for another group time with more stories and songs and afterwards split into groups that either did puppet stories or aboriginal symbol stories. Both groups had fun taking turns at being the leaders and creating their own stories.

That’s all for today. Have a lovely evening everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess