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Hello everyone and welcome to the Tuesday blog for the Kindergarten class!

We have had a very busy day with a few new activities and also a special celebration for Marshall’s 5th birthday! His smile was beaming as the class snag happy birthday for him and we shared out his special cupcakes for afternoon tea.

After a short play outdoors in the morning we came indoors and did our calendar and times on the clock at group time. Knowing about the date and the time can help children have a sense of control and agency in their life when they know what events are coming next e.g. Kindergarten on Tuesdays or lunch time at 12 O’clock.

We brought out Miss TJ’s keyboard for some free musical expression. The children love playing in pairs to make some funky beats. The teachers have been very impressed at some of the creations that the children have made with the construction materials. Earlier in the year they were simply connecting as many blocks as they could but now we are seeing so many creative inventions like robots, spaceships or race cars. They are considering the aesthetics of the creation with features like symmetry and they are able to thoroughly describe all of the features so it is great for language development too.

The fishing activity was very popular where the children had to use magnetic fishing poles to retrieve the fish. This has inspired an idea for tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

Our outdoor sports session was cricket today where the children all got a turn at being a batter and a fielder. Well done to Mr Reid with a high score of 8!

In the afternoon we practiced our graduation songs, had some delicious morning tea and had some free choice activities including:

  • dressing up the dolls and doing their hair
  • doctor’s role playing games with the play medical kit
  • picture and shape drawing, trying to copy each shape and it’s colours

Thanks for joining us today and we’ll see you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess


Please have your children ready at the centre by 4.45 so they can get ready for the graduation ceremony. Maximum 2 people per graduate (small babies also allowed to come). Afterwards we have our Christmas celebrations so be sure to hang around for those.