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Hello families and friends of the Kindergarten class. Lets share our day with you today.

We began outdoors with lots of sandpit play, ball games and time on the swing and we came indoors for some delicious morning tea. The children are doing really well at trying new foods so well done to them as they get used to the menu each month. For group time we talked about how and why we get angry and what we can do about it. We read a book called “The Red Beast” and it had some great tips like going to a quiet place, counting to 20, breathing or squeezing something soft like a ball.

Other activities we enjoyed today included:

  • Making paper aeroplanes
  • Colour games and racing games in the tree house
  • Building mini boats with cellotape
  • Reading sessions
  • Throwing games with bean bags
  • New Massive floor puzzles

Thanks for joining us today, enjoy your afternoon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess