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Hello family and friends and welcome to our Terrific Tuesday in the Kindergarten room.

This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 16 spectacular friends to the Kindergarten room.

What an exciting journey it has been today throughout the day here at Riversdale.

It started outside with all friends greeting one an other as they get dropped off by their parents or grandparents before they go and explore what outside environment has to offer them. The painting on the easel was pretty cool! Most of the friends enjoyed participating in this activity amongst other friends from Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy. The bikes, scooters are always a fun and speedy time as all children LOVE to zoom around on them around the racetrack. Miss Jess played Ball games with Harper and Henry as they have been really interested in wanting to focus on passing, kicking and catching, practicing their hand and eye coronation.

Soon enough it was time to head inside and get ready for some morning tea! After our tummies were nice and full, Mrs A was here to do more exciting playdough with us! OOOOHHHH we could not wait to see what Mrs A had installed for us today. We made 5 fat sausages and echidnas! Mrs A sang the 5 fat sausages song as they were making the sausages. Then when the children made the echidnas Mrs A told them some interesting facts about the Australian animal. Mrs A objective for the 5 fat sausages was for the children to follow instructions and to manipulate the playdough into the shapes she was asking. The objective for the echidna was for the children to learn about the Australian icon.  What a fun session we had today, thankyou so much Mrs A and we will see you again next Tuesday.

Throughout the day in the room we did many awesome range of things such as the following –

  •  Mr Andrew did role playing stories with the class. Each group that stood up wanting a turn chose their outfits to wear and helped Mr Andrew narrate their story to the audience. All children liked this and had so much fun role playing and acting out the role that they were given.

– Role playing is a great way to boost children’s confidence to be speaking/ standing in front of a big crowd. There is a lot of teamwork as you all decide who is going to be who in the story, working together and compromising. It also sparks their wonderful imaginations. You could see how proud each child was to perform in front of their friends and the confidence was booming from them it was amazing to see.

  • Miss Jess did flower craft with the flowers that were given to the kindy. Miss Jess thought using some PVA glue and reusing the gorgeous flowers would be a beautiful piece of art. Most of the children participated in this and for those that didn’t get a turn will be able to get a turn either this afternoon or tomorrow.

-Craft  is a great way to open up children’s imagination, creativity and confidence in what they are doing. Craft also helps develop their fine motor skills as what they need to do involves moving their fingers and hands.

All children show that they are all confident and involved learners.

Our friends also enjoyed building with the connectors, playing in home corner, and free drawing on the chalk board.

This afternoon depending on the rain we may or may not head outside for a play…BUT if it does decide to rain we will have fun inside, regardless if it rains or not we will make sure all children have a blast.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.