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Welcome to a very sunny Tuesday. The mornings have been a bit chillier but the days have been fantastic with lots of sun and outdoor play. We welcome back a few more friends today including Hazel, Xavier, Genevieve, Leo and Charlie. We are almost back to a full class which is a great feeling. Everyone was straight back into the swing of things, quickly finding their favourite activities like riding bikes, playing in the sandpit and climbing around the playground.

After our yummy morning tea we started to paint our paper mache planets and they are looking great! The children have done an excellent job. This topic has really unearthed their curious nature and it is great to be able to explore this with them as I remember what it was first like to learn about space and the solar system.

We explored some new areas of the centre including the slides near the carpark as the fence around the back has been fixed. The children loved this new space, it is nice and shady and very inviting to play in so we may utilise this space more often. We were even fortunate to be able to use one of the babies playground with a nice cosy sandpit and big block activities. I think the children enjoyed the change of scenery and being able to mingle with their friends again.

In the afternoon we sill try and do some more sports and skill games and let the children get some active time in before the afternoon gets cool again.

Thanks for reading our blog today and enjoy your afternoons.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Hopefully in the afternoon we can get ou