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Happy Tuesday everyone!

We have been having so much fin in the Kindergarten this morning getting into the Christmas spirit as we begin our Christmas activities.

Today the children had the opportunity to write letters to Santa. This activity was great for all the children to explore writing at their differing levels. Firstly the children told me what they wanted to write to Santa, I either wrote this down on a piece of paper for them to copy onto their letter paper, if they wanted too they had the opportunity to write over top of my words, or I could simply write it for them. It was great to see how enthused the children were about writing today, and I loved seeing how proud they were. Along with their letter this afternoon or over the course of the week the children will have the opportunity to draw a picture to go along with their Christmas letter to Santa.

Today’s drawing inspiration was two different Christmas pictures one of a Christmas tree and the other of Santa and a Snowman. The children used these pictures to help inspire their drawings today, I loved seeing each of their interpretations and creations. As the children drew their pictures there was lots of conversation occurring as they talked about what they wanted for Christmas, some children talked about their Christmas trees and decorations they have at home and shared their pictures with one another. Great work everyone.

We also began the task of creating our Class Christmas tree. over the course of the week the children will work together to create long paper chains, which we will then transform into a Christmas tree. Through creating the paper chains this morning the children had the opportunity to persevere with challenges, problem solve and further strengthen their fine motor skills. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Other play that occurred during the course of the morning included domino play. There was lots of stacking and using their imagination and creativity as they created their varying designs.


This week I will be handing out the remainder of the transition statements, a big thank you to those that have returned theirs so quickly. It is very important that once you receive your child’s transition statement that you return the signed permission form ASAP, then I can pass these on to school.

Just a little reminder I will be away From this Friday 29th November returning to work on Monday  the 9th of  December. I’m heading off back to New Zealand for a friends wedding and to visit my family.

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Steph