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            Spooktacular Tuesday

Hello and welcome families to our day here in the Kindergarten room♦

What a wonderful day it has been and how mother nature decided to not rain just yet for all children to enjoy the outdoor environment.

This morning for group time we started off by doing the calendar before Mr Andrew spoke about what we will be doing today. This mornings transition to morning tea was that they had to guess the childs name that was written on the whiteboard before going up for some scrumptious food.

Throughout the morning we did a variety of things such as playing a game of dominos, building with lego, role playing in home corner and doing some more awesome Halloween craft. The children traced some stencils of pumpkins, witches or bats and others did a cutting and gluing of a skeleton body. They made sure to be very careful as we used the hot glue gun to join all the limbs together. The children were interested in the names of the bones as well so we might explore this some more in the future. Afterwards we hung up the decorations in the classroom in preparation for our Halloween party this Thursday. The children were so proud of their achievements and are doing so well at these projects recently.

Outdoors we had some children doing their tennis class with Mr Trevor while others played in the outdoor kitchen, in the sandpit or a big game of cricket with their friends. Some children were also admiring the family of ducks going by which was a great extension on our discussions about Spring and new animals being born.

This afternoon we plan to make a big Halloween poster for the party and also do some games in the tree house to practice our jumping and balancing skills.

Thanks for joining us today and remember to dress up for our Halloween party on Thursday or any other day this week if your child isn’t attending that day.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess