Greetings everyone and welcome to our Tuesday blog here in the Kindergarten class.

We had lots of outdoor play this morning as they used the Kindergarten room for the magic show. We practiced some songs and read some stories in a group together while we talked about National Police Remembrance Day. We say thank you to all those who are in the police force and work to keep us safe.

After our outdoor play the children were amped and excited for the magic show! “Wayne the Wizard” had the children laughing and engaged the whole time with his funny tricks and jokes. Ellie, Marshall, Genevieve, Coen and Henry, Marshall and Zander got to be a part of the show in different parts which was very exciting for them.

In the afternoon we will practice writing our names using different media (crayons, paint and natural materials) and also did some collage activities. We will also do some different jumping games in the tree hut to build those gross motor skills.

Remember to look at the poster outside the Kindergarten with your children’s names to share where they are going to school/Kindergarten next year.

Have a great evening everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess