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Happy Tuesday everybody. Today we had a busy class of 16 Kindergarten children eagerly excited to begin their day with Mr Andrew and Miss Jade.

As the children make their way to the playground it is great to see them finding their friends and joining an activity straight away. Genevieve and Sonni enjoyed the water play with lots of different sea creatures hiding in the soapy water, this is a great way to extend vocabulary and verbal language skills as the children gather around the big tub and learn about the animals and discuss how they want to play. We have been doing regular temperature checks as part of the monitoring for COVID-19 and the children have been interested in the numbers that show up on the thermometers. We might revisit some of the human body topics we did a while ago and explore some things in more depth as the children are fascinated by these topics.

Eva, Harper and Astrid have been fascinated with drawing pictures and Mace has been keen to find caterpillars in the garden so we combined these interests and did some illustrations of the hungry caterpillar story. The children practiced drawing the different shapes of the fruit and making sure they spaced everything out so they could fit everything on the page. Children often only need a small piece of inspiration first to then make their own original creations.

We also did some other number games like drawing how many of each vegetable their was in the salad, putting the right coloured stones on the flashcards and number memory games. After that we went outdoors again to play some games together such as duck, duck, goose, candlesticks. Miss Jade and Otavia did some exciting music sessions and dancing with the children which they absolutely loved. After that the children had some free play outdoors before coming in for a delicious lunch of chicken noodle soup.

The afternoon consisted of some quiet activities like reading books, building with blocks and completing puzzles. The children did well at settling into these quiet activities which is essential to allow their bodies some rest and relaxation after a busy morning. The afternoon will have a few options such as making a paper skeleton, colouring some planets or painting some “Mondrian” style rectangles. Then later in the afternoon we will head outdoors for some more active play such as obstacle courses, hoop games and some skipping.

Thank you for a great day and see you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jade