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Hello families and welcome to another day at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

Let us share what the Kindergarten class got up to today with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.

This morning there was lots of fun to be had, drawing with the teachers and exploring some new playground equipment such as the jungle gym. The creative teachers have been finding lots of ways to challenge the children’s gross motor skills such as balancing seesaws and obstacle courses. There has been lots of time to connect with the children on a closer level and they have loved making small reading groups that lead to lots of interesting discussions about things such as animals, fairy tales and aboriginal myths and legends.
We had our last art session with Mrs A today and we want to thank her for her wonderful contributions to the classroom, helping children understand concepts such as vertical and horizontal lines, develop cutting and gluing skills and generally encouraging the children to be explorative and creative. She has given the children some wonderful experiences and provided the teachers with some excellent ideas for challenging the children.
We continued our theme on geography and looked at Asia and how it can have lots of different climates and a range of awesome animals. We then chose which flag we would like to make and did some awesome collages, again practicing our cutting, gluing and fine-motor skills.

After our yummy lunch of pad Thai with tofu bites we went outside to practice some sports skills with different rackets. The children love learning new physical skills as it opens a wider range of developmental benefits and it is so much fun.

It was then time for our Kindergarten friends to come inside to rest their bodies for 20 minutes before they explore quiet activities. The threading, home corner and our card board game about emotions were the top 3 hits!!! The children also loved hearing a book being read by Miss Jess.

This afternoon after afternoon tea – Children had a marvelous time exploring and adventuring off on the land of imagination and wonder.

What a great day it has been and thankyou Kindergarten for today.

See you all soon,
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.