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Hello families and welcome to our Terrific Tuesday! What an exciting journey it has been today and I look forward to telling you all about our day here at Riversdale.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess say a warm greeting to all our friends as they arrive. Children enjoyed playing awesome ball games with Miss Jess this morning from throwing the ball to each other to passing, kicking, rolling and then playing a game of soccer. Ball games are such a great way for children to practice their hand, feet and eye coordination. Our friends also liked playing Frisbee with the blue and red markers. Children also enjoyed the obstacle course as they carefully balance as they walk up and down the beam to walking on the stepping stones. Other children liked playing in the treehouse, exploring the sandpit and riding on the scooters and bikes. Miss Jess set up a craft activity for all to enjoy outside which was gluing leaves that surrounded us and re using the natural loose materials to make wonderful artwork. It was then time to get ready to come inside BUT before we do we all sat nicely together on the green mat, did our role check to assure everyone was here then we practiced our ABC’S with Mr Andrew. We then crept flew into the bathroom like butterflies to wash our hands ready for morning tea.

After all children had eaten we then helped packed away in time for Mrs A to start her art lesson with us all. All children were so excited to see Mrs A to see what she has installed for us today. For our art lesson today we started off on the green mat and did rhyming songs and keeping to the beat of our hands, following Mrs A. Mrs A went through what we would do today with the playdough and how to use our scissors as well as the safety to assure no one gets hurt in the process. Children made awesome caterpillars, as Mrs A was coming around checking to see how everyone is going with making their caterpillars she was telling us facts about them. All children did a fantastic job at manipulating their playdough to create a body of a caterpillar before decorating it, children also manipulated the playdough so they could cut it into tiny pieces practicing their scissor techniques. After the fun with playdough we helped clean up before joining on the carpet where Mrs A was ready to read the hungry caterpillar book to finish off the lesson. Thankyou and see you again next Tuesday Mrs A.

Children stayed on the carpet ready for Mr Andrew to go through the calendar with us as it is a new day. We also sang our days of the week before children were asked what they would like to do throughout the room. Daniel and Kerim liked exploring the magnetic letters as they use them to lay out their names and other words. Harper, Henry, Charlotte and Eva enjoyed role playing in home corner. Sonni liked doing the fine motor activity using the tongs to move the loose wood into the other pan. Hazel and Alex were fast away at making an awesome train track together. Mace, Daniel, Theo and Kerim found the bugs under the light so intriguing. Reid and Xavier built homes for their animals. Leo enjoyed playing with the water play at the table, pouring and swirling around the water. Genevieve thought colouring was nice and relaxing as she let her imagination flow. Charlie liked playing with her friends throughout the room and the dolls house.

Some children did Tennis with Mr Trevor and they had a great time hitting the ball with their tennis racket! A lot of fun was had, thankyou and see you next Tuesday Mr Trevor.

For the rest of the afternoon children had a ball outside, having a great time playing with one an other before they got picked up by their parents.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.