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Greetings everyone and welcome to the Kindergarten blog today!

We have been enjoying the warm weather in the mornings and exploring some nice shady reading corners, the sandpit, the outdoor kitchen and also using our outdoor classroom areas some more.

We set up camp in our outdoor classroom today to try and create a big project we have been talking about for a long time . . .  . . . . OUR BUG HOUSE!

After brainstorming why insects are important and how we can look after them we then thought about some design ideas. We hammered some pieces of wood together to make the frame and then added cardboard for walls. Other children collected leaves and bark to make some cosy places for the insects to hide. Some childrne even used cardboard to make some “beds” for the insects. It was great to see so much engagement in the project and the children using their imaginations and creativity to think of different features like beds, couches, kitchens, blankets etc.

Mr Trevor arrived to teach his tennis class and the children were lucky to use the tree house space for that today so they could practice some big shots and throws. Others did some construction games indoors or number games with dinosaurs and counters.

We have been focusing on learning how to read analogue clocks recently with different activities and games so make sure to ask your children what they have been learning at home so they can show you their new skills.

In the afternoon we plan to make some playdough and do some more letter and numbers games with it. The children love the whole process and can remember all the ingredients that we need now.

Many children got their photos taken today and I’m sure they will look wonderful so keep an eye out for these being sent out if you have ordered. Remember that there are sign up sheets for educator meetings coming up in a couple of weeks so make sure to fill in your name on the sign up sheet in the main foyer if you would like to speak with us.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess