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Welcome to another beautiful day in the Kindergarten room, and what a wonderful day it has been so far.

This morning after enjoying our delicious morning tea outside of yummy muffins and fruit we cam inside to have our morning group time. After singing our good morning song of hello to the children of the world, the children had the opportunity to share news from their weekend or from last night. This morning we had three children who were feeling confident to share their news Wynter, Hamilton and Graysen. First up was Wynter who told us about her visit to the Zoo in the weekend where she saw lots of animals and they did lots of walking. Hamilton talked about how he had played with his Dad with his hot wheels and given him presents for Fathers Day. Graysen played with his racing cars and went to a special place which after a little prompting told us it was Maccas. Well done friends for being so brave and sharing your news with us. We will continue to provide the opportunity for the children to share news every morning. If the children have any special books or photos they are more than welcome to bring these in to show us. After listening to our news I talked to the children about what I had planned for the day and opened up the opportunity for the children to share what they would like to engage in. As the children had commented that they wanted to play with the play dough, I wanted to expand their thinking further asking them what they thought we could make with the play dough. We had some wonderful ideas Elliott suggested “Make Goldilocks basket or the clothes.” Astrid suggested “Make a Unicorn.” Layla suggested “We could make veges.” Hamilton “A Pirate ship.” Wynter suggested “Make children with a dress.” Levii suggested “A Gingerbread.” Throughout the morning it was great ton see the children using some of these ideas as they created with the play dough which you will see further down in the post. Now we were ready to go explore, and our friend Elliott transitioned the children off the mat using the bee, bee bumble bee, great work Elliott.

This morning during morning activity time the children had the opportunity to sit with Miss Emma to create their own version of “Goldilocks and the three bears.” The children did this through firstly using their imagination and creativity as they painted their story on their piece of paper. Once they had finished their creation they were encouraged to retell their story to Miss Emma.  This was a great opportunity for the children to explore story writing as they learnt about a story having a beginning, middle and end. They engaged with language as they communicated to Miss Emma using their descriptive language their story. Tomorrow the children will have the opportunity to revisit or engage in this experience once again. Here are some examples of what the children came up with today.                                                                                                                                         Harper- “Mummy and Daddy are sharing the bowl of porridge from the basket. They are sitting by the party fire.”                         Levii- “The Bear is cutting down the tree to make the house and he has a rainbow hat.”                                                                 Elliott- “There’s Goldilocks house. Mummy Bear and Baby Bear were walking all the way to muddy puddles. Daddy Bear was cutting the trees down. Daddy Bear saw Goldilocks about to open the door and Dad wrapped her up with a rope.”                       Layla- “Three little Bears walking through the forest. Goldilocks smelled their porridge. She knocked on the door. She climbed up the ladder and saw the bears and climbed down the ladder. And she only ate a little bit porridge and said that’s not okay and went home.”                                                                                                                                                                                Jacob- “That’s Goldilocks house and she went in the house and ate all the porridge and slept on the couch.”

At he play-dough table some children made what they would like to make with the play-dough.

Layla-“making a unicorn, strawberries and a builder and some blue berries.

Harper- ” I made a unicorn”

Rosie-“made a cake”

At another table Miss Sarah asked some of the children what they did on the weekend and who they spent it with and they  drew a picture of what they did on the weekend. This was another great opportunity for children to use their memory recall skills , to recall special events from the past.

Around the room there was some wonderful child initiated play happening as Matthew read his special story from his home to  his friends. Wynter and Austin enjoyed role playing with the puppets, where the pig was trapped in the jail. The children also engaged in construction with the small blocks and collaborative play in home corner.

This afternoon during quiet time the children have asked to explore puzzles, playdough, the felt board stories and express their creativity and imagination through drawing.

In the classroom as you walk in I have set up a new display in regards to prep 2020. If you could please write your child’s name underneath the school they will be attending next year. This gives not only myself the opportunity to see where your children are going but the children to see what friends are going to school as them.

We hope you have a great afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah