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Welcome to our Kindergarten room on this fine Tuesday!
Today Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome a total of 18 superstars!!
What a day we have all had and can’t wait to tell you all about it.
This morning we spent some time outside enjoying playing with our friends in the wonderful cool breeze mother nature provided us with. Children had fun either drawing with the penicils letting their creative side come out to play, racing around the racetrack on the bikes or scooters, playing in the sandpit or even on the slide!! I think its fair to say we have had a wonderful morning outside play!!
When it was time to come inside, we did a group time all together on the mat with Mr Andrew! We spoke about our classroom rules and read a book. We did a fun little song before moving onto morning tea.
After our tummies are full, we started some fun activities throughout the room. We had building with the blocks, reading books, role-played in-home corner, problem solving with the puzzles, practicing tracing and spelling their names and so much more.
For the afternoon we might or might not head outside for a play as we are not too sure on what the weather will provide us.
Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon!
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.