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Hello friends and families of the Kindergarten 1 classroom! For many it was their first day back this year and there were some excited faces to see their friends and educators. We welcome Harry and Charlie who have only just started here at Kindergarten with us. The children welcomed them so nicely which was awesome to see. We began our day outdoors where we had lots of exciting activities set up including wooden block constructions, the outdoor kitchen some ball games in the tree house and also some inviting reading and drawing spaces.

Mr Andrew set up a bean bag throwing game which Asher, Zander, Harry, Chihiro and Charlie thoroughly enjoyed as they tried to land them into the wheelbarrow.

Connor brought in a very interesting container which had slime in it so we had turns passing it around the table and feeling it’s wacky texture. Other popular activities today included the practical life activities like pouring water into cups, scooping rice into different containers and using tongs to transfer different objects between bowls.

After some delicious lunch and some restful time we settled into the afternoon with lots of drawing, puzzles and many children enjoyed making an elabourate marble run. Hopefully the weather cools a little bit and we can get outdoors again and release some more energy.

Thanks for a wonderful day everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana