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Welcome back everyone after a long weekend! Hopefully everyone got up to some exciting things over the break. The children came back excited for some more Kindergarten action and adventure. Today was Arden’s 5th birthday but he wasn’t with us to celebrate so Happy Birthday Arden from the Kindergarten room.

It’s World Space Week this week so we got out our paper mache planets we made earlier in the year and practiced out solar system song. Afterwards we coloured and named the planets by using our song, paper mache planets and posters to help us remember. Genevieve also had an awesome astronaut costume to share with everyone so that was quite special.

We then tidied up and headed outdoors for some throwing games and active games in the treehouse and in the playground. Some enjoyed their tennis session with Mr Trevor who taught them some new tennis shots. Their skills are coming along nicely.

After lunch we sat as a group for some quiet meditations and stories. We also used some magazines to cut and paste all the letters of the alphabet onto some posters. The children enjoyed finding the letters in their names and matching them up with the posters.

Later in the afternoon we headed outdoors again for some free play and construction activities in the lovely warm weather.

Thanks everyone for reading the blog today. Have a great evening.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess