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How is everybody doing today? We are doing great in the Kindergarten class and have lots of exciting things to share with you.

Today we celebrated a special day, Miss Jess’ Birthday!! Pre-Kindy, Senior Kindy and Kindergarten all gathered together and sang her happy birthday while she was presented her awesome cake. We gave her the card we made yesterday and the children all gathered to give her a big group hug. How lovely!

We had lots of awesome spaces set up in the playground for children to sit and play. The cubby house was set up with the dolls houses and was a nice and cosy spot for some imagination and role playing with friends. There was an awesome reading corner set up too with comfy cushions that some of the children made use of. The popular activity at the moment is to push each other on the swings and pretend to travel the world.

Our planned activity today was to focus on colours and rainbows. We sang our rainbow song that incorporates sign language and we painted and drew some rainbows. We learned the names of the colours in the rainbow and talked about how a rainbow is made. Other activities included using flashcards to sing our ants on the apple song and also lining up the whole class from oldest to youngest which the children really enjoyed.

Outside we played some colour games like racing to the correct coloured hoop when the teachers called out a colour. We also threw bean bags into the hoops and tried to match the colours as well. Understanding colours helps children navigate their world a lot easier for example if someone asks them to bring the “red book” they will understand. It also helps convey meaning for example red can mean angry/hot and blue can mean sad/cold so it helps with comprehension as well.

In the afternoon we will do some music and group games that include colours like our “bakers shop” song with different coloured cupcakes.

Thanks for reading the blog today and hopefully you enjoyed!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Lining up from oldest to youngest

Using alphabet flashcards to sing ants on the apple

Giving Miss Jess her card

Genevieve, Hazel and Leo making a “birds nest” from sticks and leaves

Happy Birthday Miss Jess