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Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to the Kindergarten blog today.

A big Happy Birthday to Leo who wasn’t with us today but hopefully we will see him tomorrow.

Today was a special day as welcomed Asher and Zander for their first full day in the Kindergarten class. They have picked up the routines very quickly and everyone has helped them settle in comfortably.

Activities that we enjoyed today included:

  • Free choice indoor activities like playdough, block play and drawing – children learnt cooperation and communication skills
  • Imaginative play with the office supplies and doctors kit – children got creative with their scenarios and practiced helping each other with tasks
  • Plant life cycle slide show and matching activity – to celebrate science week (we will follow the journey of some seeds that we will plant in different areas of the classroom to see how different factors like sun, water and soil affect growth
  • Tennis and other active games like target throwing at our paper mache planets or bike games
  • Painting activities – children got creative with sponges to decorate their projects

Thanks for joining us today and we will see you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Exploring the plant life cycle

Lots of laughs during the doctor and office role plays