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Happy Friday everyone! Today we welcomed Harper, Bonnie, Macy, Ryan, Riley, Christopher, Latika, Millicent and Ivy to Kindergarten 2. The children were all very excited to welcome Latika into the classroom today. Bonnie and Millicent took Latika on a tour of the room and showed her where everything was. The children were fabulous friends to Latika and made sure she always had someone to play with. During our group time this morning we sang quite a few songs. We practiced our days of the week and the months of the year, Lakita sang us ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ and then the children all sang the alphabet together.

The children thoroughly enjoyed funky feet today. Miss Jen played a game with them today where she would play a random song and they would make up their own dance to match the rhythm of the music. The children all took turns demonstrating their creative expression as they swayed, spun and grooved along to the music.

Riley and Christopher practiced their soccer skills as they kicked the ball back and forth to each other. They tracked the ball, strengthening their foot-eye coordination, and developed their timing of functional movements.

Macy requested to play with playdough, specifically red and yellow playdough. Once it was made, she began rolling it out into a long snake. She then used the snake to make shapes and pictures ‘It’s a circle. And now it’s a person’. Harper and Ryan soon joined Macy at the table. They both decided they want to make animals. Using the paddle pop sticks, Ryan transformed his playdough into a ‘big echidna’ and Harper created a ‘baby echidna’. The children then decided to make a turtle and worked together to roll the dough into a big ball, squish it down for the shell and then give the turtle its feet.

Ivy was very excited to spot that Miss Shannan had brought in some new Lego to build. She raced over to gather all of her peers and take them over to the mat. The children each had their own Lego creation to construct, and they worked alongside each other, helping when needed.

Outside the children turned the boat into their travelling home. They pretended that they were a family traveling along in the ocean on their way to take to the children to school. They used the wooden balance beams as oars, rowing the boat through the ocean.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day,

Miss Shannan😊