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We had a lovely day today in the Kindergarten Two room, unfortunately there are no photos due to technical issues with the site sorry.

The children engaged in lots of small worlds play today. On the group time mat, Miss Shannan brought over all of the doll house and animals’ baskets. The children all eagerly set to work, organising them in different areas on the mat, working and playing collaboratively. Macy and Luna set up the small dolls house, Hendrix and Owen made space for the dinosaurs.

Further developing their scissor skills and hand – eye coordination, the children made lots of small creatures by cutting out different pieces of paper and carefully securing them in envelopes ‘to keep them safe’. Harper – I’m cutting them out into little squares. Owen – I’m drawing a dinosaur. Ella – This is mummy and daddy. Macy – It’s an egg! Rosie – I’m folding the cut bits.

Rosie went on a name hunt mission. With the names of her classmates in hand, she went searching for their respectful owners. “Is this your name? This one starts like mine”.

Outside the children enjoyed some time painting, using small brushes they painted rainbows, handprints and their families. Ivy enjoyed painting her hands and creating prints on the paper.

Outside, Taran took Miss Shannan on a trip across the wooden posts. She counted as she took steps across the posts “One, two, three, four, five, six…..”. She went back and forth multiple times, her counting continuing on. Rosie sped around the path on the bike track “Look I’m really fast Miss Shannan!”.

Hendrix was busy cooking away in the sandpit. “Miss Shannan what’s your favourite cupcakes?” Miss Shannan – “Blueberry”. Hendrix – “I’m going to cook you some, you can try them when I’m finished. Macy and Luna spend some time bird watching, they found a shady spot to relax and look up at the sky.

Owen and Ella were busy practiced their gross motor skills in a game of soccer. They took turns being the goalie and the kicked “Score!”.

The children have been a fan of the small multi-shaped wooden blocks. They have been expressing their hand eye coordination and creative thinking while creatively constructing various structures.

Thank you, Miss Shannan😊