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Due to the rainy weather we spent our morning indoors. We started our day with a combined group time with Kindergarten one. We sang songs, played a game of detective and even had a dance party with a game of freeze.

After Kindergarten one returned to their room, we enjoyed lots of activities in our room.  Hendrix made a discovery today, the magnetic blocks stick to the art trolley. He then began making a ‘net’ that went from the very top of trolley to the bottom. Macy also created with the magnetic blocks, she connected them all together to make a ‘Christmas tree’. Ryan brought in a special book to read with him friends today. He sat down on the mat describing what happens in the story to his friends.

Owen and Bonnie enjoyed racing the cars around the room today. The first started on the mat, soon speeding around the room to different spots; then this afternoon they had set up the giant race tracks on the big green mat for their final race of the day.

We had Mr Dan back for Arakan today. We played lots of catching and throwing games and even took turns to punch the glove so hard that it fell off of Mr Dan’s hand!

Back inside we did a counting and movement activity. We counted along with the video all the way to 100, doing different moves for every 10 numbers. We did winding arms, running on the spot, jumping jacks and high knees. This was lots of fun! Harper was very excited to show her skills in this activity, eagerly jumping and swinging her arms along to the sequences.

Ella enjoyed some time drawing. She drew a lovely picture of her Nanny before moving on to the craft table. Miss Shannan set up a collage station in our classroom art area. The children spent quite some time on this activity, selecting the specific pieces that they wanted to glue onto their collage pictures, before hanging them up to dry. Ivy and Taran truly enjoyed this activity, creating multiple collages.

During our afternoon quiet time, Christopher and Zachary enjoyed reading some books together. The read the ‘Family is like a cake’ and ‘What is poo?’.

Thank you Kindergarten Two for another wonderful day!

Miss Shannan😊