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Welcome to our wonderful day in the kindergarten Two room!

Up in the treehouse, Emerson and Hendrix worked on their fine motor skills as they manipulated the blocks into various creations. Emerson made his own transformer, and Emerson his own rocket ship.

Taran assisted her friends on the swing, displaying her muscles as she pushed them as high as she could. Lots of manners could be heard from her peers as they expressed their gratitude, “Thank you Taran!”. Ivy told lots of stories while swinging along with her friends. She told Miss Shannan about the little baby brother in her mummies tummy and how excited she was for him to be here, “I can’t wait to give him lots of cuddles!”.

We had another incursion today. Mr Lucas told us a wonderful story about a little boy named Ned and a little girl named Sis and their adventures at their grandmother’s house. Through the story we learnt about lots of different animals and musical instruments. Luna and Macy bounced with joy as little kangaroos, Harper and Rosie snapped their arms together like little crocodiles and Ella giggled away at all of the funny jokes Lucas told.

Out in the mud kitchen in our yard and in the sand pit, lots of cakes, muffins, pizzas and ice-creams were baked and served. Deliciousness galore!

Owen whizzed through the puzzles at rest time today. Sourcing piece after piece to complete the different puzzles.

Thank you for a lovely day, see you again soon!

Miss Shannan 😊