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Happy Friday everyone!

We had a little bit of a different structure today for our Friday. We stayed inside for little longer than usual this morning, soaking up as much of the warmth inside the room before rugging up and heading out. Out in the big yard the children were eager to explore their environment. Harper, Bonnie, Ella, Owen and Millie took turns pushing each other as high as they could on the swings. Riley, Tate, Ryan, Hendrix and Christopher raced to the sandpit, digging down deep “Looking for hidden treasure”.

After a delicious morning tea, we began our indoor activities. At the smaller table the children practiced their letter identification and name formation, as they searched through the letters to find those in their name and placed them in the correct order.

The children also worked on their fine motor development and imaginative expression as they manipulated the small star connector blocks together, making wands, letters, stars, and various other creations.

As requested, the children engaged in some playdough play. Playdough is always a hit with the children and has so many opportunities for learning and motor development. The children are strengthening these hand and finger muscles as they manipulate the dough, expressing creativity as they transform the dough into something new, and is a great calming tool for the children, as it holds their focus and keeps their hands and minds busy.

Many of the children were busy constructing with the beds. “They are our houses Miss Shannan, not just cubbies”. This play helps the children to problem solve as they manipulate the beds to stand in a way in which they won’t fall and as they endeavour to create their own cubbies with the shared resources.

Miss Jen came for Funky Fee today. We decided to combine with Kindy one for this experience, as the bigger the dancing crowd, the more laughter and more fun. Today our dancing took us on an ocean adventure where the children danced as mermaids, fish, divers, and various other creatures. They also demonstrated their coordination skills as they used the pom poms and shakers to follow on to the ‘shake, rattle and roll’ song.

I hope everyone has a safe an happy weekend!

Miss Shannan 😊