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Today we welcomed Hendrix, Harper, Riley, Millicent, Luna, Owen, Tate, Ryan, Ivy, Ella and Emerson back to kindy two. We got up to lots of fun today with the children following their interests and being supported while learning through play.

Lots of our friends had a free soccer trial lesson today. They all absolutely loved it! Those who don’t already attend soccer lessons were given an info page to take home.

Upon the conclusion of morning tea, the children once again raced to the art and craft area and to the dress ups. In art corner lots of beautiful colourful paintings were brushed onto pages, with the children expressing themselves though their movements upon the paper.

In home corner, the children were busy sourcing their own ninja outfits. Using the loose scraps of fabrics, they wrapped them around themselves, before leaping and jumping about the room. The room was soon filled with ninjas and Miss Shannan brought everyone outside for a ninja photo before completing a ninja themed obstacle course. The children watched and eagerly helped Miss Shannan add the final touches to the course, the ninja sized leaping dots, the balancing beam up ‘high among the buildings’, and the mats down below to jump down and roll onto. The children created their own game of ‘ninja hero’s’, racing each other around the yard, scaling the course, practising their low rolls, crawls and their spinning kicks.

On the veranda the children brought out the coloured pebble game, practicing their stacking and colour sorting and the nail and hammer activity for their risk play and hand and eye coordination. The children also requested the clay today, creating many little squishy creatures and long, thin, windy snakes.

Thank you everyone!

Miss  Shannan😊