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Enjoying the beautiful sunshine and cool breeze, we spent our morning outside with Kindergarten One before moving to the big yard at 8:30 to also engage with our pre-kindy and senior kindy friends.

The children engaged in various activities in the big yard; riding bikes, constructing winding train tracks, balancing along the obstacle course and playing a giant game of lava monster with the children from the other age groups. Rosie and Harper told Miss Shannan that a safe hiding spot was inside the tunnel so that the monster couldn’t see them and that she should hide there as well. Owen decided to sit up on top and kept an eye out for the monster.

This morning we celebrated the international day of space flight by making our very own spaceships and rockets. Out on the veranda the children set to work on their creations. They used boxes of various sizes, paddy cake cases, colourful pipe cleaners, stickers, paddle pop sticks and lots of paint, glue and sticky tape to hold it all together. Hendrix said that his had an extra engine so that it could fly extra fast through the sky. Rosie worked hard to twist the pipe cleaners around paddle pop sticks, before sticking them into the side of her Rocketship.

The children enjoyed some bubble blowing outside. They took turns to use the bubble wand to blow bubbles and to chase the bubbles as they floated cross the yard.

Armin was the marble run whiz, building tower after tower and proudly showing them to his friends and to Miss Shannan, “Come and look at my invention!”.

Ivy enjoyed trying out a tracing and pencil control activity. She helped the Rocketship on its flight away from the Sun to safety. She then attempted various other winding challenges.

Macy and Luna set up a carpark out the front of the doll house. They told Miss Shannan that it was “for the little people to park their cars before going into their house”. They demonstrated how the cars would all fit in the parks before walking their people up into the house.

Thank you everyone for a lovely day!

Miss Shannan 😊