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Welcome to our wacky wonderful Wednesday!

Outside this morning Hendrix and Emerson constructed their very own house from the large wooden blocks. It was complete with a movie theatre. They gave Tigger the best seat in the house, right on top of the tv, peering down to watch.

Macy and Luna spent some time creating with the connector blocks out on the veranda. They both excitedly made their very own spaceships that could fly up into space to reach the moon.

Ella enjoyed some time cooking and baking in the sandpit. She dished up cupcakes and ice-cream to her peers in the sandpit, even kindly offering some to Miss Shannan when she came over to ask what was cooking.

Following on from yesterday’s show we read the story of “Tiddalick the Frog” in our morning group time. The children really enjoyed listening to the book, making connections between Tiddalick the frog and how they serve their own morning tea and lunch “We only take a little first, so that all our friends can have some. Then we get more”. “Yeah, then all our friends are happy. In addition to the book, Miss Shannan created a small world play of “Tiddalick the Frog”. After the story was finished, we transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea. The children demonstrated their jumping and hopping skills as they bounced like Tiddalick all the way to the bathroom door.

On the table the children took turns re-enacting the story using the different characters from the book. The rice played the role of the water, with the children covering it with the dry scene to pretend Tiddalick drank all of the water. They worked individually and collaboratively, expressing their emerging comprehension skills through their storytelling. Harper thoroughly enjoyed this activity, racing over to the table from morning tea, quickly picking up Tiddalick as her character. This activity soon became quite messy, though the children were eager to help in the clean-up “Can I please do it?” “I’m a good sweeper”.

We had quite a few ‘show and tells’ today; Tate, Ivy, Riley and Millicent. They each excitedly took a turn, introducing themselves and what they had brought in, telling their peers all about it and then patiently answering the questions that followed from their peers. Millicent brought her mini-Elsa and Joker, sharing with her friends that she got Elsa at dreamworld and she was her favourite. Riley brought his batman and spiderman, who were gifted to him by Santa for Christmas. Ivy brought her sisters Peppa pig phone, thought she told her friends how it needed new batteries to be able to make noises. Tate shared his monster trucks, who said told were just like his daddy’s monster truck that all of his friend would see that afternoon when he got picked up.

Following on with today’s incorporation of the Indigenous culture, the children created their very own Boomerangs. Ryan was the first to sprint over to this activity, collecting a boomerang cut out from the basket, he sat down at the table and set to work, painting lots of patterns onto the cardboard. The remainder of the group soon followed, all eager to create one for themselves, proudly showing their finished paintings to their friends before placing them on the other table to dry.

With the implementation of our new menus, the children have excitedly been asking what is coming for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Today the children squealed with delight when morning tea arrived, “MMM, YUMMY!”. The platter of fruit was colourful and delicious, with every last piece being eaten, leaving only the empty platter behind “Miss Shannan, that was yummy”.

For lunch we had deconstructed sushi bowl, which is always a hit with the children. Once again they circled around Miss Shannan as she brought it to the table “This is my favourite!” Riley cheered.

Thank you for another wonderful day!

Miss Shannan😊