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Today we welcomed Hendrix, Harper, Riley, Owen, Ryan, Christopher, Bonnie, Macy, Taran, Ella and Emerson back to kindy two. We got up to lots of fun today with the children following their interests and being supported while learning through play.

Out in the sandpit this morning, Taran was using the sand to demonstrate how the rain falls from the sky. “Look, when its spins out, it looks like it’s raining, like the sky. Macy was also busy in the sandpit creating handprints and footprints in the sand and building many sandcastles using the sandpit toys. Nearby, Riley was taking a digger on a rock climbing adventure. After scaling the rock walls out of the sandpit, Riley’s digger was shifting the sand from the rocks off the edge back into the sandpit.

Ryan and Hendrix were working collaboratively this morning as they played with the drums. After first having a mini jam out session together, they then began to stack the drums upon each other to make one “big, tall drums”.

After noticing a deep interest in building and stacking the Jenga blocks by Christopher, Miss Shannan taught him how to play dominos. Christopher took his time to carefully space out the blocks, first in a line and then in a swirl, before excitedly knocking them over.

Extending their fine motor development and hand eye coordination, Taran, Harper and Ella threaded together many colourful necklaces from the beads.

Bonnie was the dramatic play set creator today. She set up and organised multiple dramatic spaces today, complete with animals, people and lots of furniture before then inviting her friends to enjoy the spaces with her.

Owen and Emerson were the artistic experts today. After bringing the paints pots over to the craft table, they began painting many bright and colourful creatures.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day, see you again soon.

Miss Shannan 😊