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Welcome to our fun, fabulous, Friday!

Out in the sandpit, Hendrix and his pal Tigger were busy digging away, attempting to reach the bottom of the sandpit “Nearly there, I can feel it!”.

Harper set shop as our resident Kindy hairdresser. Up at the table she laid out all of the hairdressing tools, calling out to friends “Hairdresser open, come get your hair done!”. Ella soon joined her at the table, assisting as the second hairdresser. They soon had customers, and when finished they instructed them to go look in the mirror.

Ivy and Millie build a cosy spot in home corner. They laid out the mats and dolls blankets to create a snuggly bed for themselves and their baby dolls to sleep in.

Ryan kindly brought in a cupcake mix today to cook with his friends today for his birthday. The children all raced to the bathroom to wash and dry their hands to remove all of the yucky germs, before gathering around the tables eager to begin. The children took turns measuring and pouring the ingredients into the bowl, before then mixing it all together. “Mmnm, this smells yummy!” Christopher exclaimed as he sniffed the bowl while stirring it.

Riley, Bonnie, Christopher, Tate and Ryan were our dinosaur explorers today. Travelling around between the doll’s houses, the small world set up on the tables and up and onto the shelves, their dinosaurs were having races, displaying shows of strength and even being lined up and named accordingly “That’s a Brachiosaurus!”.

Outside, Emerson explored his gross motor skills, throwing the ball and swinging the cricket bat as he practiced hitting the foam ball across the yard. Soon of his peers soon joined him and they worked together to throw and hit the ball, chasing it wherever it flew.

At afternoon tea we enjoyed the delicious cupcakes made by the children and sang Happy Birthday to both Ryan and Tate. Happy Birthday Ryan for today and Happy Birthday Tate for Sunday, I hope you both have a lovely birthday weekend!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you next week!

Muss Shannan😊