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In our morning group time this morning, the children completed a name scrambling activity. The children were asked if they would like to complete a name scramble, or a backwards name decipher. They chose the backwards names. Miss Shannan wrote each child’s name backwards on the paper and the children guessed whose name they thought it was. This activity brought out some competitiveness in the children as they raced to guess whose name it was from only the first couple of letters. Owen “Harper has a p! That one’s harper”. Rosie “That’s my name!”. They all listed the letters along with Miss Shannan as she wrote them, eagerly waiting to see whose name was listed next.

We had the Mr Recycleman show today. While dressed up in their own superhero capes and masks, the children learnt all about the different types of bins and what rubbish can be placed in each; The importance of trees and taking care of them and all the different ways that they could help look after the Earth. Upon returning to the classroom, the children worked on their recycleman activity and colouring books. Ryan really enjoyed the number dot to dot, counting his way from 1 to 28 to draw the tree. Harper enjoyed completed the maze to help get the recycleman to the library. She took her time to test out the different maze paths, excitedly calling out to her friends when she found the correct path. Emerson’s favourite part was the colouring pages, he decorated Mr Recyclemans outfits in lots of wonderful colours, all while asking lots of questions about the show.

Over on the queen chair, Luna had collected a couple of books and had cozied in to enjoy some quiet reading time. She sat flicking through the pages of the books, calling her friends over when she found something funny.

The children enjoyed exploring the new magnetic writing activities. They practiced their pencil grips, hand eye coordination and their number recognition as they used the magnetic wand to lift in the magnets to form the numbers.

At the Lego table, Owen was busy building Hagrid’s house from Harry Potter. “This is where Hagrid lives, here is his front door, and his windows and this is where Harry hides”.

During quiet time, Miss Shannan brought out one of the new games to explore. Macy quickly came over to investigate, sitting down at the table for a turn. The game was called beat the buzz and the children took turns to manipulate the wand around the zigzagging track, careful not to touch the sides. Taran and Ella soon raced over to watch Macy, and each waited patiently for their own turn. They all encouraged each other as they waited their turn, offering suggestions for the tricky turns and squealing in delight as they made it through the course.

Thank you for a lovely day,

Miss Shannan 😊