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Out in the big yard this morning, Macy and Ryan worked together to construct their very own castle. They used the giant blocks to construct it. Taking the trucks around the yard on the hunt for as many blocks as possible.

Harper and Hendrix were playing superheroes. They were flying around the yard together, looking for exciting new places to fly too and for people to help. Hendrix was very kind and shared his cape with Harper ‘Now you can be a superhero too’.

Ivy requested to make rainbow playdough today. Miss Shannan got out all of the ingredients and the children got to work, kneading and adding lots of colours to their doughs. Ivy suggested they squish them all together to make lots of rainbow playdough and so that is what they all decided to do. Christopher was very excited to make his own stars and then lots of “wriggly worms!”. Ella was rolling her dough out on table. She was making ‘the longest snake’. Taran enjoyed making lots of colourful cookies “Would you like to try my delicious cookies?” she would ask after trialling a new cookie cutter.

We had lots of show and tell today. Macy brought her marshmallow; Emerson brought a puzzle and his batman; Ryan brought in a t-rex with glowing eyes and Christopher brought all of his Goo-Jit-Zu hero’s explaining all of their names and what they could do.

Emerson enjoyed sharing his dragon puzzle with his friends today. He first showed it to them once he completed it, showing what the final picture looked like, before asking them if they would like to join him and do it with him.

Owen enjoyed lots of dramatic play today. He travelled between the doll’s house and the astronaut characters at the investigation table, with his characters going on lots of missions and holidays.

Riley really enjoyed the nails and hammer activity. He took his time in selecting the guide for what he was going to create, before setting off to find all the pieces and then get to work hammering away.

Mr Dan came for ARAKAN today and as always the children were beyond excited and ready to participate. They cheered as he walked in the door and happily followed his instructions as he led them outside and through the activities. Today there was lots of running races and happy squeals as they practiced their punching, high fives and handshakes.

Thank you for a lovely day, see you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan😊