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In our morning group time today, the children demonstrated their knowledge of colours, shapes, matching animals to their homes and the counting of animals that were displayed on cards. The children completed most of the activities together as a group, racing each other to the answers, “Blue!” Circle!”. Though the counting activity was used as a transition to wash hands for morning tea, with the children each taking a turn to count the animals displayed upon the cards.

After morning tea, the children were asked what they would like to do today, “Cubby houses”, “Playdough” and “Animals” were the most requested. Once we went over the classroom rules, the children set off to participate in their chosen activities.

Owen and Christopher were the first at the playdough table, requesting extra flour to make the dough “less sticky”. Bonnie raced over to the animals, selecting a lion and a tiger. She then went on to sing Hakuna Matata and tell Miss Shannan the story of the Lion King, while she proudly re-enacted what happened using the animals in her hands. Hendrix and Ryan explored the shoelace tying station. They worked side by side, practicing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they looped the laces up and through the holes to reach the top. Taran soon joined in, looping the laces around and through the lace holes “Look I did it Miss Shannan”.

Emerson, Riley, Harper and Ella were our busy constructionists. Turning the group time mat into a hive of activity, with beds forming walls and roofs and with mats filling holes and crevices that leaked light into their tiny worlds.

Mr Daniel was away from ARAKAN today, so we had a new teacher. The children ran outside to join in, completing the normal drills and games, all while having an absolute blast.

Upon returning to the classroom, Miss Shannan read the children a book titled “When I’m feeling angry”. The children were very engaged through the reading of this book, especially when Miss Shannan went through strategies that they could use when they are feeling angry. We decided that Miss Shannan was going to stick strategy wheel up on the wall, so that when the children are feeling angry or need a reminder on choices they can make, they can go and have a look at the wheel. We are going to continue to read through the feelings series as a class, for the children to learn together how to play and talk kindly with their peers and how to regulate their emotions.

We concluded our afternoon with our daily yarning circle. The children each had a turn holding the talking stick and sharing favourite moments or show and tell with their friends. This has become a much-loved part of our afternoon routine.

Baugull wanyi (thank you) and Nya-nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Shannan 😊